I never thought it would happen to me…

Photo 1: mile 8 of the Uberthon Oregon Marathon. Feeling strong, just now figuring out that my Garmin is out of sync with the mile markers and I’m running 10-15 seconds per mile slower than I thought.

Photo 2: mile 13. Still good. Right about to tackle the only noticeable hill on the course and then pretty sure it will be smooth sailing on the downhill from there.

In between photo 2 and 3: I crush the hill, then regret my optimism while I recover my breath for about a mile. The next 8 miles are the most beautiful of the whole course. It’s shady and green and where the tree cover does open up, it reveals astonishing views all around. I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to be here, feeling so great, on my way to a major PR. I’m flying.

And then the last few miles where the full force of end-of-July hits me. I have to stop to walk a few times. I’m immensely grateful for the aid stations with the cold wet towels that give me a bit of relief. It’s not a bonk, but it sure isn’t a victory lap either.

Photo 3: On the podium as 2nd in my age group (3rd place was still on the course when we took this photo). Despite the rough end to the race, I’ve BQ’d by just over 5 minutes and secured a spot in the Boston Marathon for 2018 with a time of 3:39:55. Even though I trained like crazy for the previous 10 months with this one day in mind, I can’t believe it actually worked.

Regular old average me is running the Boston Marathon in 5 months.

This blog is for me to talk about running. Because in the last year of training I discovered I really do like being obsessed with splits and training plans and weekly mileage and average paces, but I care about my family and friends and don’t want to drive them away by talking about it to their faces.


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