My Running Buddy

img_0487This is my husband, Josh. He hates running. Hate may be too strong a word…but it may not be.

Josh loves races though.

Sometimes he’ll sign up for a race I’ve trained for the day before, and then he’ll run an impressive time without training at all.

And sometimes he’ll drive with me to a race course an hour away the day before the race just to scope out the finish line. Then he’ll study a race map to figure out where the best places to meet me and cheer are. Then, when he gets to those places, he’ll help the volunteers hand out gels and water and they’ll be so grateful that they’ll get his number and offer him a free entry to the marathon next year (which he’ll never accept –see above).

Sometimes he’ll ride his bike alongside me when I’m doing a twenty-mile training run. He’ll stash my gu wrappers and hand me fresh water and not even mind that I can’t hold a conversation. Then, after, even if I felt like shit during the run, he’ll tell me how fast I was and how strong I look and how sexy it is that I can run 20 miles. (Running is many things, but I’m not sure sexy is any of them.)

Sometimes, this Sunday actually, I’ll find my running shoes stuffed with newspaper because earlier I ran outside and it was wet and he read online that stuffing shoes with newspaper makes them dry out faster.

Sometimes he even runs with me–see photo evidence above. Although, not too much, because he hates it and because I’ve got training plans to follow and I like some time to myself.

On those long runs that he supports, and the races that he comes to cheer and help out at, there’s always some bicyclist on the trail or volunteer at the aid station who sees us together and compliments him on being so supportive. He always jokes that he’s not the one doing the hard work. This is actually a true and good perspective which I agree with and it’s kind of messed up that he gets praise from strangers for just showing up while I’ve been training for months just to be able to run a 20 mile training run.

But what he does to support my goofy hobby means so much to me. I don’t know why I like running so much, but I sure know why I like him so much. I think he deserves all the praise he gets.

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