Training Log ll/27 – 12/3: Pfitzinger 10k, 1 week to goal race

This week is why I started blogging about running. I have a lot of feelings about my runs this week that I hope to not bore my family with.

Monday: Planned Rest Day

Tuesday: Accidental “Rest” day

In reality, it was go go go all day long. Work is nuts and then afterward I had band practice. So that part was fun, but it meant I was away from home from 5:50am to 10:30pm.

Wednesday: 6 miles with 8x100m sprints

Avg Pace: 8:40

I took some advice and extended my sprint to .15 miles to make up for the time it takes to push the button to get up to 9.0 speed. I did .15 miles of jogging in between at a 6.5 pace. It was fine, but I still have this feeling that if I were really sprinting outside I might be going faster.

Thursday: Recovery 4 miles

Avg Pace: 9:04

I got some tough family news on Thursday. Getting away from my desk to log some easy miles was an oasis.

Friday: 9.72 miles

Avg pace: 8:51

I worked from home on Friday. My scheduled workout was a total of 8 miles with 4×800 and 2×600 at 5k pace, 50% jogging in between. I wasn’t planning in advance on a work from home day or I would have made sure this workout was on a treadmill.

Life (and running) is weird and full of surprises.

I spent the first half of the day with a head cold. I seriously considered pushing this workout off to Saturday and doing my recovery miles instead. I googled advice for running with a cold and the consensus was that if it’s neck or above then you’re ok to run. I headed out, sneezing 5 times while walking down the driveway, giving myself permission to bail at any moment.

Within 5 minutes of jogging I was breathing better than I had all day. I decided to go for it.

I’d hoped to use the high school track, but found out when I got to it that it’s closed to the public. Onward to the middle school track, tacking on an extra 1.5 miles round trip.

This workout was hard and I loved it. My Garmin data looks bizarre because this is the first time I’ve tried to use the lap button and sometimes I accidentally pushed the pause button. Running at my perceived 5k pace outside and then being able to later see what that actually was…it was cool. My pace ranged from 6:56/mile for my first 800 to 7:08/mile for my second 800 and last 600.

Whenever I enter in ‘5k’ pace in the treadmill it’s really just a wish and hope of what I think I’d like my 5k pace to be. I feel like I got some outside validation and a reality-check on Friday.

Saturday: 4 miles

Avg pace: 8:54

My oldest son decided to go out for wrestling this year and Saturday was the first tournament. Communication between coaches and parents is not awesome so I had no idea what to expect. The schedule said the event started at 7:30am and my son had to be at the school for a bus ride at 6:45.

You guys, this event did not start until 10am. My son’s 3 matches lasted less than 4 minutes each and happened about 2.5 hours apart.

I feel very triumphant in how I dealt with this because I ran. I got my 4 recovery miles in first thing.

During the break between 1st and 2nd match I got myself a new iphone 7 because my old iphone 5 went from 98% battery life to 3% during my 4 mile run earlier. This has been an issue for a while, but it reached a breaking point. Boston training starts in a week and if my phone craps out mid-podcast during a long run…I don’t even know. The results wouldn’t be good.

Saturday: 8.1 miles

Avg pace: 8:58

I didn’t realize the iphone 7 comes with an adapter to attach normal human headphones. I used the provided-with-iphone headphones for this entire run which means I was re-shoving the left headphone into my ear every 5 seconds. I don’t even try with the right one. My right ear is special and spits out headphones like they’re poison.

The run was fine. Besides putting up the Christmas tree and cleaning the bathroom it’s the only thing I’ve done all day. But I’m having difficulty getting the Garmin app to connect to the new phone. Bluetooth is enabled. I tried deleting and re-downloading the Garmin app on the new phone. Getting the new phone to understand my running data is literally the most important step of transitioning to the new phone. If anyone has any insights I’d be most appreciative.

Next week is the last week before my target 10k. I’m concerned because the 10k is in my tiny town and I see no signs up for it and I’ve received no emails from the race organizers. There’s a part of my that wonders if it’s still on. Or maybe I’ll be the only person who registered. I mean, I could win my age group at least.

Stay tuned…

I’m linking up with Tricia and Hoho again this week for the weekly wrap up.


12 thoughts on “Training Log ll/27 – 12/3: Pfitzinger 10k, 1 week to goal race

  1. Ha! I always say the first rule of placing in your age group is to just show up!

    I’ve always used the above/below neck rule. And, it’s amazing how your head can clear up on a run.

    My iPhone 6 quit syncing with my Garmin about a year ago. I can’t figure out why and have tried all the fixes. The latest IOS upgrade helped a little. It now occasionally syncs…but still not all the time.

    Thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s discouraging that you’re having trouble syncing too. I never had issues with my iphone 5 and garmin. It was just the battery life that was killing me!


  2. If you feel like you’d be running faster outside, punch up the speed a notch or 2 after about 15 seconds and see how you like it. OR run them all with an extra degree of incline. I’ll bet your race is still on. Go win it!

    Liked by 1 person

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