PSA: Make Sure Your Race isn’t Cancelled


My replacement race for this weekend after discovering the original one I’d signed up for was cancelled

You know how last weekend I was starting to be concerned that the 10k I’ve been training for wasn’t going to happen?

By Tuesday I’d still received no emails about packet pickup or race logistics. The race website was still featuring a race from October. The Facebook page was suspiciously dormant. I sent a Facebook message and two emails to different race coordinators listed on their site. I called the number on the site twice and left voicemails.

On Wednesday I called the brewery that was supposedly hosting the race. They told me they didn’t know anything about it, but the race from October had been cancelled and they were actually hosting a funeral reception on Saturday, but if I wanted to come over later on Saturday they’d buy me a beer.

Using my google, on Wednesday I researched 10ks in my area. The closest one is about an hour away but starts at 10am and only costs $20.

I signed up for the new race on Thursday.

Also on Thursday I hunted down the race director for the cancelled 10k because they still have my money and haven’t responded to any of my messages. The race site said she owned a local gym. I went to the local gym on my way home from work and found her when she was about to start teaching a class.

She said her partner was literally at this moment on his computer issuing my refund and responding to me and she thought she had responded to my emails but she guessed it didn’t go through. I was friendly. She’s clearly got a lot of balls in the air and it’s a busy time of year.

It’s Friday and no email response and no refund posted to my account yet. I’ll give it the weekend before I go back in there and ask for a check or at least a bunch of free TRX classes.

In conclusion, I’m really looking forward to the new 10k this weekend. I’ve already received two emails from them about packet pickup and parking logistics. Despite the drive, it looks like it will be tons of fun.

Also in conclusion, when you sign up for small races make sure they aren’t cancelled.

5 thoughts on “PSA: Make Sure Your Race isn’t Cancelled

    • Thanks! I hope so too. I keep thinking how awful it would be to show up for a race and have people all around who are there for a funeral reception.


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