Race Week! Pfitzinger 10k Dec 4 – Dec 10

I’m trying a new approach and journaling the runs day by day and then posting the whole thing on Sunday.

Monday: 6 miles w/4x .15 sprints and .75 at 10k pace (7:30)

Avg pace: 8:48

This will be the hardest run of the week until the 10k on Saturday. It’s funny how there’s a part of every warm up where I seriously can’t imagine accomplishing the workout. I’m sure it didn’t help that I haven’t had a rest day since last Tuesday.

My legs feel a bit heavy, but I was able to get this done. I’m no expert, but it seems strange that there’s so few workouts at 10k pace in this 10k plan. After today I’m not totally confident I can keep up a 7:30 pace for 6.2 miles, but I’ll find out soon enough!

Tuesday: 3 miles recovery

Avg pace: 9:10

I’m really tired today and extremely grateful to be able to plod along for 3 easy miles on the treadmill. Since marathon training starts next week I may not have an easy 3-miler in my future for a long time.

Wednesday: Rest Day

This was supposed to be an easy 4 mile day, but I forgot my running clothes at home. It’s for the best because I’m tired. I didn’t sleep well last night.

I’ve started sending emails and Facebook messages to the race organizers for this weekend. Their site is highlighting a race from last October and their Facebook page doesn’t even mention the race.

Thursday: Easy 4 miles

Avg Pace: 9:07

I could definitely feel the benefits of yesterday’s day off. This treadmill run felt great. I started a new show on Netflix – The Good Place, with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson (I still think of him as Sam from Cheers). I think I’m going to like it. The Kristen Bell character is dead and was mistaken for a good person and sent to a heaven-like place, but something about the place doesn’t quite make sense…

Also, today I got final confirmation that my race this weekend has been cancelled. No fear, I signed up for a new one. It’s farther away, but looks really flat and like it will actually exist.

Details of this saga here.

Friday: 3 easy miles with 4×100 strides

Avg pace: 8:40

I took this run outside today so I didn’t measure the strides. I just sprinted while counting slowly to 25. I should probably clock an actual 100 on the track one of these days so I can do these more accurately in the future.

Saturday: Race Day

10k – Chip time 45:58 – a PR by almost 2 minutes!!!!!!

Avg pace: 7:22

I won my age group you guys!!!! I’ve been coming in top 5 in my age group all year but never won. This was truly the result of a lot of hard work and also being lucky that no faster women aged 40-44 showed up. I was 10th woman overall and got beat by the 45-49 age group winner and also the 50-54 age group winner. I kind of love that. It motivates me to see how fast I can get.

I’ll post a more detailed report later this week, but oh man, what a rush.

A big point of this race was to get a realistic idea of training paces I should hit in the next marathon training cycle. According to the Jack Daniels pace calculator, my equivalent marathon pace is 8:04. I’ll just aim for 8 to help me out with my inability to do math and run at the same time.

Sunday: Rest

The Pfitzginer plan has a 4 mile recovery run today but I decided to take the day off. He can’t boss me around anymore until tomorrow when I start the Pfitzinger 18/55 marathon plan. It’s 18 weeks and peaks at 55 miles per week. Bring it on!!

Very pleased to be linking up with Tricia and HoHo again this week.


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