Boston Marathon Training Kick Off Week

Here we go! First week of training for the Boston Marathon! I’m using the Pfitzinger 18/55 plan – 18 weeks, peaking at 55 mile weeks. It’s a more challenging plan than I’ve done before and includes a lot of race pace miles fit in to long runs (next week’s long run is 13 miles with 8 @ marathon pace). My goals are to feel strong in the last six miles of the marathon and to finish in the low 3:30s. This is a stretch for me, but I think it’s doable as long as the weather cooperates on race day. I know that’s a huge if in Boston.

Overall, I’m not super impressed with how things went this week, but coming off a goal race last Saturday I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I did get all the runs in at least.

Total Mileage: 33.46

Here’s that race report in case you’re interested.

Monday – Rest Day

Day 1 of marathon training calls for rest or cross-training. I planned on a noon yoga class, but my boss and boss’s boss asked for some help at 11:40 so I didn’t leave the office. Probably for the best since I’ll be taking some long lunches this week.

Tuesday – 8 miles with 4 at Half Marathon pace

It’s weird how different running feels on race day vs training days. My half marathon pace is supposed to be around 7:45. I went into this run feeling like that should be no problem since I ran faster than that for 6.2 miles on Saturday. HAHAHA! It was so hard!

I warmed up for 3 miles at 6.5 (9:13 pace) and 1% incline. Then 2 miles @ 7.8 (7:41 pace) and 2 miles @ 7.7 (7:47 pace). I had to stop and jog for .25 miles around the 2.5 mile mark so I didn’t really accomplish this workout the way it was written. I jogged the last .75 to finish up my 8 miles at 6.5 again.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – 9 miles General Aerobic

Treadmill at 1% incline. Average pace 9:07. This was very boring. The first five miles felt like they lasted one million years. Weirdly, the last four miles went by pretty fast. I’m almost all the way finished with The Good Place which is a big problem because now I have to figure out what my next treadmill show will be. Any suggestions? I only got through a couple episodes of Big Little Lies so I’m thinking of starting that up again.

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 4.16 miles Recovery

So….Friday was my husband’s company party and by Saturday afternoon I still had a headache and was contemplating skipping this run. I talked myself into it by telling myself it could be just a “bouncy walk” and maybe the fresh air would be good for the headache.

I was kidding myself on both fronts. When I’m running “easy” outside I run pretty much the same pace – average 8:57 per mile. That’s just how my legs move. So that was my pace for this run too. My headache did not go away, but it probably wouldn’t have gone away if I’d just sat around on the couch either. I think I made the right decision to run. I mean, it’s week one. I can’t get in the habit of making excuses already.

Sunday – 12.3 miles Medium Long Run

The Boston course has some famous hills, so I ran down to the lighthouse and back. The round trip is just about a perfect 12 miles. Up top of this post you can see the elevation change and how my pace changed right along with it. I still averaged an 8:53 mile, but my splits varied from 8:13 on that downhill to 9:50 when I turned around to go back up it.

Next week I have the entire week off work and nearly zero plans so I’m hoping to get some good cross-training in on my rest days. I was really good about doing that for the first part of 2017, but it definitely dropped in priority during 10k training. I’m convinced weekly yoga and spinning helped keep the injury fairy away though so I need to figure out how to fit that in.

I’m linking up with HoHo and Tricia for Weekly Wrap-Up again this week.


11 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training Kick Off Week

  1. Wow how exciting to be starting Boston training, although LOL at the program starting with a rest day! I have the same issue with race pace vs. running pace — that’s why I never do tempo runs — I just can’t!

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  2. All the best with your Boston training! I’m excited for you. In the years I ran, I belonged to a Runners World Boston group and many people used the Pfitz plan and had great success with it. Just practice that downhill and train some hills on tired legs. : )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice pace on the hilly route to the lighthouse and back. I would love to be able to run to a lighthouse, by the way! I hope you enjoy your week off. Cross training does help with that injury fairy! Thanks for linking!

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