2017 Year in Review – That was unexpected



I met very few of these goals – and that’s ok!

2018 will by my 2nd year using an Inkwell Press planner. I picked it last year because there are lots of goal setting tools in it, including this yearly goal page broken up into areas of your life.

Planning a year in advance is both fun and futile. I like taking the time to think about what I’d like to accomplish. On the other hand, I hope I never ever have a clear vision of what an entire year is going to look like. The surprises this year are what made it one of the best ever.

I got married! I spent two weeks in Norway with my sons and aunt and a sister and two of her kids! I got a promotion at work! These were not on my radar last January at all. In fact, the only thing on the list I made last year that really will define 2017 for me is my BQ. My goal was 3:40 and I came in at 3:39:55. I was maniacally focused on this goal to the point of dreaming about it at night and scheduling my waking hours around it.

Things that were partially accomplished:


  • Meditation habit: I did this on my morning commute for about half the year using the headspace app. It was good and then I lost interest.
  • Books vs Facebook: Eh, I decided I like Facebook. I did read more books this year though and I’ll be keeping that up in 2018.


  • Volunteer: I volunteered with the local Neighborhood Action Coalition for about 4 months. There was a lot of time commitment for very little positive outcome. I hate saying this, but it ended up being a lot of meetings about having other meetings and also discussing whether the local Indivisible group was activist enough. The meetings also conflicted with the nights I had my kids with me and I didn’t like taking the time away. Anyway, I like the idea of volunteering, and I’m still calling my senators (Hi Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray!) but this was not the best way to go about it.
  • Family and Friends: Decided this is a silly goal. I connected just as much as I wanted to with family and friends. Why force more? I’m in a friend group where everyone’s happy to see each other when I organize something but not many other people take the initiative. The result is that I see everyone whenever I want to. I feel balanced in this area.
  • Family reunion: was planning on organizing a Ragnar for the family but it didn’t happen due to the Norway trip.


  • I saw a lawyer last month about getting a will together and will have something to sign by January. This has been a new year’s resolution for me for multiple years. Super excited to almost have it done.
  • I donated to the food bank early on but then set up automatic monthly donations to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, IRC, and the Sierra Club.


  • Josh and I are about halfway through recording our first album. We also picked up a mandolin player in the last couple of months which is awesome. This will be a big goal area for me in 2018.


  • We replaced the deck
  • Drywall was fixed in the boys’ room
  • Retaining wall and plumbing get moved forward to 2018

Dream Big

  • Yup, done.

Did this change how I approached my goal setting for 2018? Kind of. I’ll share my 2018 goals in another post, but I made them with the expectation that I am capable of having a priority (not multiple priorities), and that the purpose of this whole thing is more about reflecting on my values rather than creating some kind of scorecard that I judge my year against.

Overall, great job, 2017. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store.

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