Boston Marathon Training – Week 2


Hitting the trail

37 total miles for week 2 of Boston training.

I took the week off work to hang out with my kids and do as little as possible. Mission accomplished. The week flew by and I am not ready to start waking up with an alarm clock again on Tuesday or organizing runs around a normal work schedule.

Monday – Rest or XT

I did 20 sad pushups on my knees.

Tuesday – 8 miles with 10x100m strides

I plan my runs a week in advance, taking into consideration the family schedule. The only things I had to plan around this week were Christmas Eve shenanigans with Josh’s family (meaning longer runs had to be on Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday). We got some free tickets to Star Wars so that took up Tuesday morning, and band practice was planned for Tuesday evening so that meant I’d have just enough time for my run and cooking dinner in between those two things.

On Monday, Josh let me know he’d asked our bass player and his wife to come over early and potentially stay for dinner. Maybe it’s because I had literally nothing to think about all week, but this sent me into an out-of-perspective tailspin. It was the right thing to invite them over early to avoid traffic, but when was I going to run? In the dark after dinner? It was raining and super cold! If I skipped, I’d have to do two hard runs in a row later in the week at some point. And I hadn’t planned my grocery shopping around 6 people for dinner so when would I go to the grocery store to get more? And when was I going to cook it? Usually I think I’m pretty cool about adjusting my expectations, but for some reason I just wasn’t on this day.

As always, everything turned out fine. Our friends had other dinner plans, and practice was over by 5pm. We ate leftovers. My teenager wanted to go to the YMCA with his friends to lift weights in the evening, so I got to use one of his guest passes to hop on the treadmill for free. I’d been looking forward to doing this workout outside, but I don’t hate the treadmill and I got to finish The Good Place on Netflix.

I warmed up for 4 miles at 6.5 and then alternated .15 miles on at 9.0 and .15 miles off at 6.5 and then finished up my 8 miles and finished a .25 mile walking cool down right as the teens were ready to leave.

I felt much better.

Wednesday – Rest or XT

Two sets of 20 sad pushups on my knees.

Then I got in 1.75 trail miles with my 12-year-old. There’s a beautiful trail behind the library that I haven’t run on for about 2 years. I’ve told my kids the only thing I want for presents ever is to run with them. You get to learn so much about your kids when you’re running with them. They just start blabbing as soon as you start moving. It’s wonderful.

Russell picked this run because it was his favorite during cross country. He says he prefers running trails to running on the roads and I agree, there is something completely unique and soul-enriching about running on dirt surrounded by trees. We chatted about how middle school is different from elementary school and what’s going on in band and I don’t know what all, and it was wonderful.

Thursday – 10.28 miles, General Aerobic, Avg pace: 8:49

I felt good! I’ll never get over how differently paces feel outside vs inside. The goal today was to cruise the whole way. The first 1.5 miles from my house is always uphill so I logged my slowest mile there at 9:41, but after that my cruising speed was on the speedy side. My fastest mile was 8:31 and there were many around 8:40. I worried a bit that I was running my easy day too hard.

Friday – Don’t think I even left the house or changed out of PJs

Saturday – 13 miles, 8 @ Marathon Pace

I’d been dreading/anticipating this workout ever since I bought the Pfitzinger Advanced Marathoning book and decided to tackle this plan. That’s a lot of marathon pace miles. I’m aiming for as close to 8 min miles as I can – intimidating!

Last year I’d do my challenging workouts on a bike trail about 15 miles away because it’s super flat and pretty and has no stop signs. This was my plan for this run.

On Saturday morning I made a game-time decision to keep the run closer to home. I didn’t want the extra hour commute that the bike trail would entail. I drove a no-stop-sign loop nearer to my house, clocking it at 2.6 miles, and decided to go for it.

I parked at the library and did a 4 mile warm-up jog that finished on my new speedwork loop. Then I sped up, aiming for an aggressive, maintainable pace. Finally I cooled down as I jogged back to my car. All of these are Garmin stats.

Warmup splits: 9:10, 9:03, 8:54, 9:23

MP Splits: 7:42, 7:55, 7:45, 7:44, 7:49, 7:48, 7:50, 7:40

Cooldown: 9:06

This run made me feel like a superhero. The first 3 miles I worried about whether or not my pace was too fast. The next couple of miles I realized there was no reason to believe I would run out of steam. I was definitely working hard, but it felt like different muscles than the jogging muscles. I felt like I had settled in to the pace. The 7th mile had the minor “uphill” (it’s like 36 feet over the mile), but I’d blasted through it twice already and knew what to expect so I just kept at it. Then the 8th mile…might as well finish strong.

I don’t have to do another marathon pace long run for several weeks, but I think I’ll use this loop again.

Sunday – Recovery 5 miles

I went out for a run/walk with my fifteen-year-old and we made it around a 4 mile loop. This, plus the extra 1.75 with my younger son earlier in the week adds up just fine to make me feel like I met my 5 mile recovery requirement.

I’ll be heading up to spend time with family in about 30 minutes. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and I can’t wait to catch up on all of the wrap-ups in the next week.

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    • When I’m feeling like it’s too cold to run I think about those Minnesota run bloggers who are out there with frost accumulating on their eyelashes. My 32 degree northwest weather is nothing compared to that.


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