Boston Marathon Training Recap – Week 3


I ran a lot last year. At the beginning of 2017 I had a vague idea that it would be cool to run 1000 miles. I hit that goal in January around mile 17 of my goal marathon. This is the 2nd year of actually keeping track of annual mileage and my first year being fastidious about recording in Runkeeper. I climbed over 193,000 ft of elevation and spent over 257 hours running. That’s wild.

After taking New Year’s Day off as a rest day, today I’m starting week 4 of my Boston Marathon training program. But first, last week in review. It was kind of slow and I didn’t feel great, but I got it all in at least.

Total Miles: 40

Monday – Rest Day

We got some snow on Christmas Eve! By Christmas night it was mostly melted, but I got out to walk around in it.

Tuesday – 10 miles easy, avg pace 9:20

I was still feeling some twinges from Sunday’s killer marathon pace long run so I took it easy. I’m watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and I’m on the fence about it. It’s about the Saxons vs the Danes in the 9th century. I don’t really care for the main character and there are only about 2 women in it, but I keep thinking it could get awesome pretty soon and Vikings are cool.

Wednesday – 4 miles recovery, avg pace 9:15

Treadmill again

Thursday – Rest Day

This was supposed to be a speedwork day, but by the afternoon I was feeling really stuffed up and exhausted so I decided it wasn’t worth it. I went home, took some Nyquil, and fell asleep at 7:30.

Friday – 8 miles, with 4 @ Half Marathon pace

I usually run in the middle of the day, but my boss wanted to take us out for lunch, so instead I ate a bunch of delicious Asian fusion and then hopped on the treadmill after. I was still a bit under the weather from my cold the day before. Those are my excuses.

So, I got in the run, but not exactly as written. I got 2 miles at 7:47 pace and then did the other 2 as mile repeats with .25 jog recovery. Warm up was 2 miles and then cool down to complete the 8 miles.

I’m not crazy about this. It’s the 2nd time I’ve had this tempo run scheduled and the 2nd time I’ve had to break up the tempo miles because I just couldn’t push through. I get another shot at it next week.

Saturday – 4 miles recovery, avg pace 9:12

Just running around outside, getting it done.

Sunday – 14 miles, avg pace 8:53

This run was long enough that I busted out the Gu. Now I feel like I’m really marathon training. Next week I may even strap on my hydration pack!

I ran a route that takes me 6 miles out to hit a bike trail for 1 mile and then loops back for 7 miles. This route is kind of silly because the bike trail isn’t really that nice. It’s right between a freeway and a trailer park. There’s garbage in the bushes. In the summer, every 9th stick you see on the trail is probably a snake. But, at least it’s different. I felt like I needed some variety and didn’t want to deal with the hill on my lighthouse route.

Happy New Year!

I’m linking up (late) with HoHo and Tricia for the weekly wrap up.



2 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training Recap – Week 3

  1. You had a very impressive year. Now you’ve given me the idea I need to find out what my total elevation was in 2017. Although I didn’t have as many running miles are usual, I had a lot of cycling miles and they were hilly! Nice training week too with your GU inducing 14 miler! Happy New Year and thanks for linking!

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