Boston Marathon Training: Week 14

My Boston Celebration jacket arrived in the mail on Tuesday and I’ve been wearing it around the house non-stop ever since. It feels weird to wear it out…is it too braggy? Is it bad luck to wear the jacket before I actually do the race?

Saturday, after a 4 mile shake out, I wore it to the grocery store and the nicest lady stopped to ask me about it. She says she runs the Boston 5k with her son every year and then he does the marathon the next day. She wanted to let me know what a great time I’m going to have. Super sweet!

This week’s total: 49.75

Monday: Yoga

This yoga workout was heavy on the lunging. That was really tough considering my fast 18-miler the day before. I was sore through Wednesday and I honestly don’t know if it was from yoga or running. Still, it always feels amazing to have at least one day a week where I’m twisting and stretching.

Tuesday: VO2 max 8 miles with 6x600m at 5k pace

I really love that this phase of my training plan has this fast intervals in it. I chose 8.5 on the treadmill (7:04 pace) for the speedwork for .4 miles and recovered with a .2 mile jog in between.

Wednesday: 11 miles

This run was so hard. I kept expecting it to get easier and it never did. I think the plan had a recovery day here but I had to do some shuffling around because of my actual life, so I’ll blame the sluggishness on doing two hard workouts in a row.

In other news, I finished Breaking Bad during the first 25 minutes of this run. I spent the next 10-15 minutes trying to figure out what to watch next and then I settled on Better Call Saul which, in my opinion, does not have an engaging first episode. Episodes 2 and 3 are way better and definitely worth getting through the first one.

Thursday: Rest Day

Especially after my cruddy early-morning 11-miler, I’ve been thinking about life after marathon training and all the variety of activities I’m going to do that I can’t do now.

Thursday afternoon a friend emailed and asked if I wanted to do Flywheel and my first thought was ‘no’ because these are my peak training weeks and I need to save my legs for running.

Then I realized that’s no way to live. I couldn’t go Thursday night because of a high school choir concert but suggested next Monday. We’re signed up and I can’t wait!

Friday: 9 miles, 5 at 10k race pace

Today’s training run was supposed to be the 2nd of 3 tune-up races in my training plan. I guess I could’ve done one of the St Patty’s day races around here, but the plan says 8k-15k and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a 5k. Plus, the two sort-of close to me were over $40.

Anywho, I did this on the treadmill and it went great. Two miles warm up and cool down with a 5 mile progression starting off around 7:45 and ending just under 7:30 for the last mile. Such a difference from the beginning of this plan when I struggled to do my tempos without stopping to rest.

I have one more tune-up race on the plan in a couple of weeks and decided to actually sign up for a real race. It’s a trail 5 miler which should be interesting. I’m going to want to race it, but the last trail race I did was single track for quite a bit of it so I was pretty much stuck at the pace of the people in front of me. This looks like it’s a wider trail so hopefully I’ll be able to go all out.

Saturday: 4.5 mile with 6×100 meter strides

This was supposed to be just 4 miles but I misjudged my loop. We’re starting to get some sunshine (for now) and being outside felt so good. For my strides I sprint while I count to 20 and then jog while I count to 20 and repeat.

Sunday: 17.25

The sun was still out (see above pictures) and this run felt great. It’s weird to be at the point where I see 17 miles on the calendar with no fast miles and think it’s going to be nice and easy. I picked a route with a few hills including a gigantic two mile hill at the beginning that I took at about a 10 min pace. The rest was rolling hills/flat with an overall downhill for the last mile. My last 5 miles were in the 8:30 range.

4 weeks to go!

I’m linking up with HoHo and Wendy for the weekly wrap.


13 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training: Week 14

  1. I love the colors for the Boston Marathon jacket this year – it looks good on you! 🙂

    I think that it’s totally normal to think about all the fun activities you can do once marathon training is over, lol. I know I certainly did that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I adore the 2018 jacket! I’d absolutely be wearing it around. I can’t believe Boston is only four weeks away. You had a great week of training. If your long run is any indication (and it is!) you are going to have a great race. Good luck also on your upcoming trail race. That sounds like fun. Thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

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