Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 18 and -1!!

Skip over to my Boston Marathon race recap here.

It’s been almost a week since the Boston marathon and I feel pretty good.

Week 18 – Total Miles: 23.85


I started writing up a day-by-day of my last week training, but it’s pretty boring. Basically I had mostly easy runs and one “dress rehearsal” run with 2 miles at race pace.

I flew out Wednesday with my husband, two kids, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. Mother-in-law booked us an apartment at mile 22 of the race which ended up being perfect because it was a block from the T and about 1/4 mile from a reservoir where I did my final two runs – one with my husband and one with my kids.

We struck a great balance between sight-seeing and relaxing. We did a Duck Tour, part of the Freedom Trail, the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, the Expo (obviously), the Tea Party museum (our favorite), and saw some friends who live close by.

On Sunday I stayed in the apartment and watched Netflix all day except for a quick walk to the CVS for extra socks, handwarmers and a scarf. Even though the weather had been pretty nice for the first couple of days we were there, by Sunday it was clear that the forecasters weren’t exaggerating and I was in for something severe on Monday.

The Marathon – 3:36:11 PR!!!


I wrote my race recap last Wednesday so I’ve had a few more days to overthink how I feel about how it went. Mostly I feel awesome. That was really hard and I did it.

I PR’d at Boston in the coldest, rainiest, windiest conditions. I ran a pretty even race…I had a positive split, but not by much, and considering the hills and extra wind on the second half I think I did really well. I absolutely had nothing left to give at the end. The conditions were miserable, but I was not miserable until I stopped and the cold caught up with me.

A week later, though, I can’t help but wonder what I could’ve done under better weather conditions. I mean, I trained my brains out and it got me 3 1/2 minutes faster? I know it’s a good outcome, but there’s a big part of me that thinks I could get closer to 3:30 next time.

Will I do it again? Yes, but I don’t want to do it by myself next time. It was incredible, but the whole time I was wishing my sister was there with me.

Recovery Week

My kids had to go to school on Tuesday so we flew home right after the marathon on Monday night. When we got home at 2am we were met by this amazing decorating job that my friends did while I was away. Too sweet.


This has been Treat Myself week. I got a manicure on Wednesday, went to an easy stretchy yoga class on Friday, and got a massage on Saturday. Today I went for a walk for a couple of miles around the neighborhood. No running.

I feel pretty physically good at this point and will try to jog a couple of miles tomorrow. I’m still a little tight in the hamstrings and quads, but I kind of always am.

Emotionally I do feel a little adrift though. I’ve had a major goal for a year and a half and now I feel like I need to get my bearings by attaching myself to something else. I have time to figure that out though.

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9 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 18 and -1!!

  1. To PR in those conditions is simply amazing. You should be very proud. I love the idea of Treat Yourself week after a major race. You deserved it. Your next goal/idea will come soon enough. Meanwhile, enjoy some extra rest. Thanks for linking!

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  2. Boston look absolutely miserable (in terms of weather), but still so inspiring! Congrats on the PR! I ran a tough 13.1 this morning (with a very fatigued body). I didn’t PR (ha! not even by a long shot), but I ran it well, considering my state of exhaustion. It made me wonder what if I had not been so tired? What if the race had happened during a less busy week/weekend? That said, I’m very happy with my finish time because I gave it all that I had at that moment in time.

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  3. I know that feeling of being adrift… I’m only 2 days past my race and already feeling off. I know it will pass and soon there will be a new goal so just going day by day is best.

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