A Great Week to Have No Goals

This was a tough week at work. There’s a big project I’m leading that needs to be finished early next week in order to make a deadline that other projects depend on…yada, yada, yada…I stayed up really late every night and woke up too early because I was stressed out.

In other words, it was a great week to not have a goal race on the horizon!

Week two of trying to eat better and do more cross training was not as focused as week one, that’s for sure. Other than one short arm workout as part of a flywheel class, I did not do any strength training. Also, I stopped actually tracking my food like I did last week because I hate tracking my food.

I did keep up with generally choosing more healthy versions of things for meals and snacks, and I avoided the candy jar at work (mostly). I’m down 3 pounds this week from last week. That seems nuts and I’m guessing some of it might be dehydration, but together with last week’s .8 pounds it does establish a trend. Food choices make a difference, I guess.

Weekly mileage: 28.9

Monday – Flywheel

I met up with my friends Jen and Christy for an evening flywheel class. Christy has the loudest, most contagious laugh you’ve ever heard in your life. Jen is super high energy and loves to dance whenever possible. I was in between them and we were rocking out the whole 45 minutes. The theme of the ride was 80s and 90s music so we were singing along to Bon Jovi and Backstreet Boys and Whitney Houston and basically having the time of our lives.

Afterwards, the instructor came up to us to see if we were celebrating something or what our deal was and also to thank us for helping make the class so fun. Then she offered us a free class for next week! That doesn’t happen every day!

Tuesday – 7 miles with tempos for 2mile, 1.25 mile, .75 mile at 8min pace

It sometimes bugs me that I still don’t feel fully recovered from the marathon. I mean, this felt harder than it would have 4 weeks ago. On the other hand, it’s great that it doesn’t matter.

Wednesday – Rest day

I was signed up for a noon yoga class but had to skip for a work emergency. Bummer.

Thursday – 6.75 miles: 10 min warm up/cool down with 2x intervals (1,2,3,2,1 minutes) and 2 minutes recovery in between

I did my intervals at 6:58 pace. The 3 minute intervals were really tough, but the others were fine.

Friday – Rest day

I was signed up for another body pump class and really looking forward to it, but my boss offered to take me to lunch about 15 minutes before I was planning to leave for the gym. It seemed like a better idea to do the lunch. The pad thai was delicious.

Saturday – 5 miles running + 13 mile bike ride

It’s so nice outside finally. Even though I was planning on meeting friends to ride bikes in the afternoon I wanted to get in a quick jog. In the past the bike rides with these people have been really fun, but flat and slow. I didn’t think it would be much of a workout.

I really should’ve known better because I picked the bike route this time and I’ve run this route before and I know that it’s hilly. I think your perspective and hilliness and distance changes a lot based on whether you’re in a car, on foot, or on a bike. It was a great ride and I was grinning from ear to ear almost the entire time. It felt so good to go fast and be outside.

Sunday – 10.15 miles

This morning I was thinking I’d go 13, but then I decided I’m tired of all the routes I’ve been running for the last 2 years and I decided to head down to the beach via a trail that’s a few miles away. The reason I don’t normally do this is because the trail is super steep. As in, it has stairs cut into it because the descent is so extreme.

Today I decided that the pleasure of running on a trail to a beach was more important to me than the pleasure of running continuously or hitting any mileage goal. I treated myself to this lovely trail and then I treated myself to sitting on the beach for a while and then I treated myself to walking back up it. It was grand!

I’m linking up with Wendy and HoHo for the weekly wrap.


12 thoughts on “A Great Week to Have No Goals

  1. Gosh, I hear ya on getting bored with all your routes. I have routes of almost every distance from my driveway (some even have little out&back segments to add an extra mile if needed). UGH. I’ve run them clockwise, counter-clockwise, etc. They serve a purpose, but they do get boring. Still, I”l choose them over the treadmill, hands-down. 😉

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  2. Mmm, pad Thai. Great week of workouts, and that’s pretty great that you got a free class! That beach run sounds gorgeous, but I get why you wouldn’t take that route during the buildup to a race. Glad you were able to enjoy it on a down week.

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  3. It’s so cool you received a free Flywheel class for just having fun and singing. I knew there was a reason to be doing stuff like that…LOL. The scenic and challenging run down to the beach downs lovely. It’s not always about the time spent pounding it out on the pavement! Thanks for linking!

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  4. I’m returning to tracking food next week! Haven’t done it all year while I have been prepping for my Half Marathon – but tracking (though not fun at all) is the only way I seem to stay disciplined and choose better food options!
    I love that you did that trail without a focus on mileage. I’ve been so focused on mileage that I am looking forward to a time when I can just get up and do a beautiful run just for the sheer pleasure of it! Well done for making that choice.

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