Looking forward to 2019

As you can see, my running stats took a big nose dive this year. I think I may have a few miles in there that I didn’t add to Runkeeper, but that number looks pretty accurate. A huge majority of those miles were run in the first 6 months of 2018 after which I had to admit defeat and let my injury sideline me from running.

The second half of the year was full of elliptical, spinning, cycling, weight lifting and (recently) swimming. I’ve probably run less than 15 miles in the last 3 months and even though it’s been nice to switch it up a bit, I have to admit it’s a bummer to see a mileage number under 1000.

Moving on!

I don’t have a mileage goal for 2019 or any goals except to not re-injure myself. I have a hope to run twice per week in January and then adjust upward after that. My three mile treadmill runs these last couple of weeks have been challenging enough and I don’t want to push it.

My real 2019 athletic goal is to figure out this swimming thing. I’ve been going once per week and I try to do 30 laps of my pool (50 meters each lap) but I suck at the breathing part. I can go one lap freestyle without having to flip over to my back and give my poor lungs a break. I’m planning on taking an adult group swim class at the Y to get some help unlocking this achievement. Related: I need to find some goggles that don’t aggravate the bags under my eyes.

My other big goal this year is to self-publish a novel on Amazon. I have 50,000 words done thanks to Nanowrimo’s November writing binge, although all of them are in need of serious editing. I’ve taken December off of intense writing, but I’m diving right back in starting this weekend. I write mostly during my lunch breaks at work because my house is small and it’s impossible to sit anywhere uninterrupted. Hopefully this novel will be incredibly popular and fund my retirement and both childrens’ college educations. If not, I just hope it will be a fun thing for me to do.

I have a few other little goals for 2019 – write on this blog more, for example – but mostly I just want to be a good mom and wife and take things as they come. And sleep more and eat less sugar.

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